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I support Bob Ross!


The reason I support Bob Ross is simple. He has the right vision for APFA and cares deeply about the members and the profession.
Bob's been speaking up and fighting for flight attendants long before he decided to run for APFA President and that speaks volumes.
I speak the truth, follow my intuition and take very good notes --- Bob has the right balance and is the right one!

Gailen Lee David
Savvy Stews

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Bob Ross is my choice

I voted for someone that gets why we are pissed! Someone that has flown under this crappy contract. He is a flight attendant that hasnt been on trip removals. I don't want someone in office that is sooooo out of touch! Please do your homework!! I have and Bob Ross is my choice!!

Bernadette Cassidy

Time for change at APFA- Vote Bob Ross

Lorraine Cronin

Please vote for Bob Ross. He has no affiliation with the last selfish, self absorbed , kool-aid drinking union officials. He is a hard working flight attendant who will finish the race for us!

Charmaine R Grace


I am formally endorsing Bob Ross for APFA President. I am looking forward to having this individual tackle the company with the various outstanding issues at hand. We must unite and not be divided and that comes with having a leader who shows his personal voting record and integrity in plain open public view. Please join me in voting for Bob Ross for APFA President. We have someone who will professionally represent all of us both LAA and LUS proudly !

Gregory Bryan Gatzke

A great man for the job!


I was pleasantly surprised to see on Facebook that Bob Ross was running for APFA President ! I flew with Bob for many years from SFO to HNL and was always happy to see his name on the crew list when I pulled up the flight papers. I think he would be an excellent choice as a leader who could bring both the APFA and the APA together.
Please vote before Jan 9th.

Robert Ballou
Retired LAX CA

We need to come together and have TRUST and Respect for our President. I believe this is our Man to get that done!

Lisa Weyenberg


Bob!s a fighter. He will not be attending VP,s weddings.

Richard Kunkel

Vote Bob Ross #makeAPFAgreatagain

John T. Swanstrom

One of Us!

It will take a line flight attendant to understand and deal with all the issues that need immediate attention. Bob Ross is fully capable of taking on the task. I have known him over 30 years. We were junior together, and flew together a lot ..he knows all sides of what flight attendants are dealing with at all seniorities.
I am not endorsing him because we are friends or agree on "everything". i am backing him because I know we need a fresh point of view, and someone who will work endlessly on our behalf. HE is the person to do it. Not just a Union President, but a Flight Attendant who has been elected APFA President. Someone who is NOT in the company's back pocket. Please join me in electing BOB ROSS for APFA NATIONAL PRESIDENT!

Sandra Simmons

The right choice for the job

Back when Maggie Joyce, Thrice Johnson and I began the Flight Attendant Roundup at the Hilton Hotel in Texas ( which coincided with the APFA board meeting) I knew that Bob Ross would be a great candidate for APFA PRESIDENT. Well I am so happy beyond words that Bod decided to run for office. I strongly believe he has the integrity to do the job. Granted he will be left a HUGE undertaking, I know he will bring our UNION BACK TO THE MEMBERSHIP!! VOTE BOB ROSS. HE IS THE RIGHT CHOICE!!

Jerry M. Casas


Bob Ross has the drive, integrity, and understanding to bring us together as a workforce.

We are lucky to have a plethora of qualified candidates running for APFA president, but it is my firm belief that Bob Ross possesses all the leadership, knowledge, and drive to bring the union back to a place where the membership feels empowered.

Megan Maxson Blanchard

Flight Attendant

Bob Ross has the necessary vision for change within the APFA. With his background, integrity and work ethic, he is the right candidate for uniting all unions in the company. This will send a strong message. He is our only hope to be respected as a union once again.

Ruth Taylor

I voted for Bob. He will fight, and fight, and fight, and fight!

Lorraine Sanders
aa lax

Flight Attendant-Purser JP Speaker

Bob is a very knowledgeable person and has great concern about the welfare of the FA's. I believe he can do the job. He has great background with the APFA group and I feel he is the one that can help us meet our needs. Great job Bob.

Mariko M Tahara

The Top Five Reasons I am Voting for Bob Ross


5. He wants to impose term limits so that we have line-flying FAs who will live with what they negotiate (or push for) in office and no longer have people who are really just professional unionists. His view of this mentality is also indicative of why he wouldn't run on a slate.

4. He believes that not only does the APFA Constitution need to change, but the Railway Labor Act needs to be addressed on a national legal platform because it's completely outdated and works against the frontline employees (i.e., FAs). The APFA Constitution is only the first, albeit very important, step in taking our union back. We must get rid of Draconian laws that strip the worker of his/her rights.

3. He supports the DOJ investigation. Whatever happens with that, his support means is that he is in favor of a transparent union and will not allow a shroud of secrecy in the negotiating process nor the day-to-day operation of the union. He is willing to tear apart all past practices and rebuild the processes so that our union is truly representing its members' best interest. The best interest must be decided by the members as a whole, not a single person.

2. He will form alliances with the other unions at the airline. He understands that we will have so much more power to negotiate if we have the pilots' and mechanics' unions supporting us, for example. Right now, the company reaps the benefits of workgroups who are at odds with each other. Imagine the possibilities if we all worked together and went up against the company together!

1. I know Bob Ross personally and I know what he stands for (and stood for before this election). We share the same commitment to family first. Because of this, he understands the utmost importance of benefits and flexibility, which are the two biggest factors that affect our families and our time at home with them. For this reason, he plans to recruit all seniorities as more junior/younger FAs need to have a vested interest in the way they will be spending the rest of their careers and understand the importance of the items in the contract that affect lifestyle (besides pure compensation).

There are several very good candidates, but Bob Ross is everything I'm looking for as a representative of my voice to the company. I hope that he will recruit and tap into the talents and passion of the other great FAs on the ballot that have shown their desire to affect change at APFA.

Tracy Rose Neukom
American Airlines

Man of his word

I have known Bob Ross for close to 20 years and what stands out for me is that he is extremely knowledgable about our career and our union. But most importantly that he has integrity! He always stands behind his fellow flight attendants and he does what he says he will do. That's who I want representing ME, in MY union, for MY future!

Tammy D Crow

A concise plan from an incorruptible leader!

I honestly believe Bob is the best hope we have for restoring integrity to this union. His unwavering dedication, honesty and loyalty has earned the respect of his co-workers for over 3 decades. He is approaching this election with a well planned strategy and he possesses the tenacity and veracity to see it to fruition. We need Bob, he'll be a scrupulous leader dedicated to our best interests!

Joy Olenchalk

Bob Ross is the only choice to take our union back.


I was very fortunate to have Bob and his wife Kim represent SFOI for many years. Bob always (as they both did) went above and beyond for each flight attendant. Anytime a question or call went out to Bob he was back in touch with you in a timely matter. Bob was always there to represent US
Bob is honest, genuine, real, a fighter NOT a back door deal maker. He has answered many questions during this campaign more than any of his candidates with honesty and without childish back stabbing. He is a true fighter for each of us. Bob is the right choice oto take OUR union back. This is NOT AAs Union. It is ours. It's time we take it back. Please vote for BOB ROSS. He is the only hope in taking what is deserved back

Pamella Bacciocco

Bob Ross,

When I began my career in 1995 you were adamant, that I make the effort and take the time to learn and understand my contract. I was completely terrified the first time I "explained" to crew scheduling that "I am illegal per my union contract." Regardless, I heard your words going through my mind.

Fast forward twenty years, I have become disenchanted with my Union and have been so for years. I am placing my vote with the candidate I feel will best serve the membership of OUR union!
I recognize you, Bob Ross , as the best hope for OUR Union and proudly cast my vote in your favor!

In Unity,
Kathleen Deadder

Kathleen Deadder

Bob has the best chance of regaining all that we have lost!

I have sat on the sidelines and watch this all play out for weeks. There are plenty of good candidates to vote for as your next President. Bob however, at this time and juncture, has the best chance of regaining all that we have lost and to represent all of us American Airlines flight attendants with pride and integrity. Addressing what has amounted to nearly two decades of concessionary bargaining, realigning the membership and APFA's place in the labor community, and representing all of us with strength and determination is no small task. Bob has stepped up with a plan, or, if not a plan, an avenue to find the best way possible to address the many challenges we face. Most of all he has given his word to be inclusive in is leadership style as he knows-...divided-we fail. Its my honor to endorse Bob Ross for APFA President.

Anthony Cataldo

I've known Bob for a long time.....

I've known Bob for a long time, as we were both based in SFO and both lived in Sacramento. Bob has always been a leader and very passionate about our Flight attendant livelihoods, contract issues and the future of American Airlines. Bob is not one to sit on the sidelines or afraid to voice his opinion. Therefore Bob has my endorsement for future APFA president. Go Bob!!!!!

Monica Sperbeck-Ross

International FA

I know Bob Ross personally and he is what our union needs right now!!!!!!! He will be a president that will fight for us the working FAs!!!!!
Bob is smart and fair, please read about him and ask questions because once you learn about him you will agree.
In Unity , Debbie LeShane

Deborah LeShane

Purser Flight Attendant 25 years

I have being in the airlines business for 36 years EAL and AA, I have seen the changes in the airlines industry. I personally never met you Bob, but I have FULL confidence that you will make a difference and bring back the TRUST of what a REAL UNION working for our rights, benefits and ALL we lost since 2003. I'm looking someday to meet you... I ENDORSE BOB ROSS FOR APFA PRESIDENT.

Jorge Merelles

Bob Ross has a plan. He has made no political promises, nor has made any back room deals. I have total confidence in Bob Ross.

Barbara Thrower

International Purser Flight Attendant

I'm currently based at JFK. As of now, I've been there for 13 years continuously, but I've also been an international base hopper during most of my career at bases including IMA, IDF, LAX-I and SFO-I. As a permanent resident of San Francisco for over a quarter of a century, I've known Bob since and followed his tenure as a SFO local union chair and beyond. In the years after, and especially in light of this recent merger and embarrassing imposed contract, his perspective and thoughts about our current contract and the future direction needed for our union have been right on spot and resonated with the majority of us who want change and to reform our broken independent union. First things first! I trust him to be a man of integrity with the right union experience to bring unity to our workgroup and fight unapologetically and without fear for what we, professional career flight attendants, deserve.
I support and endorse Bob Ross as our national union president. I believe he has our best interest at heart. I ask you to join me in voting for him, but above all, I encourage you ALL to PLEASE participate in deciding the future of our profession at American Airlines and just VOTE!
Thank you, Bob Ross, and to all who have stepped up to the plate and are committed to listening to us and to serving what is in the best interest of our entire union membership.

Luis Chang

We need someone like Bob. Ready to do battle.

Louis Rangel

A strong and committed leader

AbbyTBC pic.jpg

Hello Everyone, I am voting for BOB ROSS for APFA National President and am honored to be on his willingness to serve. First and foremost, there are two words that Bob uses in his mission statement that rings true to me. MEMBERSHIP DRIVEN. For years, we have been a union that has been “leadership driven.” We need to engage our members even more now after being divided and angered by past leadership. At this crucial time of our union, we need a leader that can truly listen to and consider what drives our membership and then engage them in what they are truly passionate about.
In my 30 years of flying, I have known Bob for 20 of them, having the privilege of flying with him many years while based in SFO. When I first decided to run as Vice Chair for IOR in 2010, which eventually turned into me becoming the Chair of IOR, Bob Ross was one of two strong union reps I consulted with. He was a man I truly respected and admired during his term as SFO-I Base Chair at that time. Though I was only on the APFA BOD for just one year, I was able to witness firsthand the trials and tribulations of being on the board and my constant desire for transparency. Which brings me to another point in Bob’s statement that he addresses. Transparency- a thorough examination and changes of our governance, including our elected and “appointed” positions, that give the Power and Voice back to the membership.
When Bob first contacted me several weeks ago, he didn’t just say he wants to “unify our membership” he informed me that he ACTUALLY HAD A PLAN set in place, to move APFA forward recognizing we are all broken. He recognizes the need for us to become a stronger union in creating alliances with our pilots and mechanics instead of being divided from them as the company so desires we remain. It is with our fellow union work groups we need to have alliances with, not having back door alliances with corporate management!
He has a plan to take on the issues at hand that the membership truly want addressed and dealt with not just given answers such as “to be determined”. We need a strong and committed leader….Bob Ross is the man for the job.

Abby Alconcher

Time to clean house

I'm voting for Bob Ross, as I honestly believe that is the only candidate with the desire and the passion to make the reforms that are needed to keep the APFA from becoming completely irrelevant. The Glading administration was characterized by secrecy, givebacks, and capitulation. I have no doubt that Bob, as President, will do everything in his power to reserve the damage done, and fight for improvements in our pay and working conditions.

Bruce Clark

Bob was are base chair at sfo-I he was always available to his group 365 days a year. He had our backs , when the base closed he worked hard to get us the best deal. He checked with us to be sure what we all wanted and he made it happen. I have no doubt that he would do the same for the group as a whole. He cares

Kellee Immen

A seminal game changer for the future culture of Apfa

Linda Miro Stein

Flight Attendant


He understands what has been done to us and will continue to fight for us and get the union where it needs to be for what's best for us. He knows were the front line and that we do impact profits. He believes in the investigation with the DOJ. I wish for you to endorse Bob Ross for president.

Janet Jelski-Schreiber


Bob has walked in my shoes for 30 years and knows the struggles and issues we face. This is someone who will be my voice to the company.

Angela Tharp

Bob is the real deal! He is for the flight attendants not the company and has the experience to back his fight for us!

Brenda graham

Knowledge IS Power..


I've known Bob Ross for 24 years. He's a strong man of integrity knowledge and will fight for what's right. He has challenge the company many times on our behalf. And he will continue to do so .
Thank you Bob for stepping up to the plate to take on the toughest job !

Dominique Stewart

I support Bob Ross!


The reason I support Bob Ross is simple. He has the right vision for APFA and cares deeply about the members and the profession.
Bob's been speaking up and fighting for flight attendants long before he decided to run for APFA President and that speaks volumes.
I speak the truth, follow my intuition and take very good notes --- Bob has the right balance and is the right one!

Gailen Lee David
Savvy Stews

With so many changes taking place at our airline and in our industry, it is of utmost importance that we elect an APFA President who has integrity, experience, strength and a clear vision. I believe Bob Ross has proven to be the most capable person to lead us into the future. We are facing issues such as PBS, integration, diminished retirement benefits, etc. I believe that Bob, as an independant candidate, will make the membership his top priority. If you care about your career, please vote

Monica Dannas

Although retired, anyone that knows me knows I have been one of the stronger critics of Apfa for the past 15 years. I never left my Union, my union left me and became a servant of the corporation. Consequently, the F/A corp has lost over four decades of hard-fought collective bargained wages and benefit enhancements. It needs to stop now! Please throw your support behind Bob Ross! Sincerely, Linda Luebs

Linda Luebs


Bob Ross is a respectful, stand up guy with a strong message. He understands politics and articulates his message better than anyone without dragging someone thru the mud while doing it. He's got that 'Bull Dog' mentality we need in office. Give Bob Ross a fighting chance. Trust me, he'll fight for you and I. For Change!

Anthony Theriault

He is the only one getting my vote.


I know all of my friends are aware that there is about to be an important vote coming up in regards to the Union. The ballots should be at your home any day now. I am waiting on the WTS information before I make a decision as to who I will be voting for. There is one person I can say I will be voting for prior to receiving the information. I will be voting for Bob Ross for the position of President. Bob reached out to me when he first decided that he was going to run. He asked me if I would consider running with him. I told him I needed time to contemplate it and to speak with my husband. Harald and I decided that moving to Dallas was not going to work for us. The compromise was that I would get to continue my Facebook efforts to help as many FA's as possible and Harald would refrain from complaining about it too much. The reason I support Bob and have placed my name on his WTS as a supporter is because I spoke with him at length in regards to what I expected from a President. I told him that I wanted someone who was willing to serve the Greater Good for all of us. I didn't want promises but rather action. Bob reassured me that he was looking for exactly the same thing and that is why he reached out to me in the first place. Bob told me that the only person who vocally reflected his thought process was me. I met Bob on Facebook during the voting process last year. He and I were very interested in listening to and addressing the needs of all FA's. While I started out being a supporter of only the No voters, I quickly learned that my greater service was to any FA in need of help. Bob also understands the importance of reaching across the aisles and working with people who don't always agree with your viewpoint. He and I have spent many hours discussing the fact that every person is valid in their right to their own opinion and we would do ourselves greater service to listen to what everyone has to say rather than insulate ourselves in a cocoon of one sidedness. I asked Bob his feelings in regard to many of the issues I see brought forth daily on Facebook. His viewpoint reflected that of my own. He wishes to see any wrong that is brought forth to him by legal avenues, righted. He has assured me that any time he is in office he will not stand in the way of any wrong being righted. I know that sounds a bit different than what some would like to hear. I asked him outright about issues like TWA, the DOJ, and other policies in place that we all would like to see corrected. Bob explained to me that he would not be able to walk in as President and waive a magic wand. He said the best he could promise is that he would never be the President that fought against a FA's right to have an injury corrected. He further explained the processes to me as I am just as green in some areas as all of you. What I came away thinking is that Bob doesn't have any desire to be another Laura Gladding. He doesn't want to go in to office making demands that people do things his way or they're on the outs. What I learned is that sometimes things cannot be corrected overnight or just because we think they should. If we wanted a dictator we could have left Laura in place. What I think is that Bob will be able to comprehend all of the issues but only work towards the goal of doing the best for the most amount of us. In other words a true Democracy of union memberships. A union led and steered by the members and their needs. I hope when you make your choice for our next President that you will please consider Bob Ross. He is not the only candidate running for President whom I spoke to. He is the only one getting my vote.

Kiri Wirth

"I'm comfortable with Bob Ross because I KNOW what to expect after 30 years of working beside him and witnessing his extreme passion and drive when it comes to serving his colleagues. If you don't know him personally, I would highly suggest you take five minutes to talk with him. It shouldn't take more than that to solidify your choice to vote for Bob Ross for APFA National President."

Liz Gierman
"My big brother used to tell me that when he judges Presidential, Senatorial, or Gubernatorial candidates, he looks for fearlessness, integrity, a sense of allegiance, and fairness. He looks to see if the candidate is not afraid to take an unpopular stance on issues. He looks to see if the candidate is unwilling to risk his integrity and betray his own principles in order to gain favor and win votes. He looks to see how often a candidate wavers from their original position. He looks to see whether the candidate enters a race because of their dedication to their constituents or their own self interests. And he looks to see if the candidate's past decisions were intent on benefitting the majority as opposed to a privileged few. It was with this mind-set that I chose to strongly support and endorse BOB ROSS for APFA National President. He has all the qualities I look for in a presidential candidate and leader. He manages being a pragmatic leader and a supportive unionist with great ease because fearlessness, integrity, a sense of allegiance, and fairness comes naturally for him. I believe in BOB ROSS. I believe in his intelligence. I believe in his confidence. I believe that he is the one, true APFA Presidential candidate that can move our membership forward from these tumultuous times. And I believe that he will be the unifying force that our membership so desperately needs in order for APFA to once again be the great, little union that could.
Casey Veloso

"Thank you, Bob! You are truly showing that you will work for the people who choose you to represent them. I am so excited about the possibility of having a leader that listens to and works FOR the membership, instead of projecting the attitude that he/she knows what's best for us!"

Tracy Rose Neukom
PHX Flight Attendant
"Bob was our base chair when I flew SFOI. I can't say enough as to how Bob always went above and beyond for ALL fight attendants. Many times I called Bob with questions about contract issues, legalities, hotels, IODs, PVDs etc. His knowledge is beyond words. He always replied right away.
Bobs statement above comes from the heart and is 100% truthful. We need a change. I stand behind Bob as President. Bob Ross. Vote for change"
Pam Welch Bacciocco