photo 2My leadership will be focused on rebuilding the Trust, Respect and Unity of a once great Union. We are the APFA and its state of affairs says as much about us, the members, as it does the Leadership we follow.

Who am I:

I’ve been a FA for 32 yrs. I’m married to a FA, retired after 27 years and have two children, ages 14 & 12. Above all, I’m one of you. A F/A trying to make ends meet by flying far too many unhealthy hours. I’ve been a Purser since 1985, I’ve been a Professional Standards Rep, a Scheduling/Contract Desk Rep, Alternative Dispute Resolutions qualified and I was the SFO International Base President/Board of Director (BOD) from 2008 until the Base closure in 2011. In that time I have never taken a full month trip removal, a practice that’s become far too addictive and lucrative for many. I have spoken out against the practices of the current administration that have led to the distrust within the union.


Why I’m running Independent:

I have made the decision to step out of the box and run as an Independent. Gone should be the days were slates are formed with friendships and intended to create power voting blocks and single-mindedness within our union. A good leader can reach across partisan lines in an effort to represent the will of all members equally. I can work with anyone and I intend to work for everyone. I’m confident enough in my abilities and experience to lead this union. I look forward to working with National Officers from every interest, slate or independent and trust they have that ability too.

We need to unite as a membership:

We are all broken people in one form or another and we need leadership that can bridge our divides and get us past them. We cannot attempt to take on an anti-labor management and further our union credibility with a splintered and distrusting membership. My first course of action will be to make it clear, it will not be business as usual. Unions do not just represent individuals, they’re sworn to protect and advance the careers of all their members.

I will represent you as the professionals that you are, to both management and the public. I will sell your strengths as First Responders as well as Safety and Security experts. I will build on those qualifications to negotiate terms fit for professionals. But first you need to believe in yourselves as more than cart-pushing apologists that cover up every management bad decision. You are professionals and deserve contracts that acknowledge that fact. I cannot do that alone. I will solicit your help by opening APFA up to new leaders regardless of your experience and promote those that are there to foster the wellbeing of the members over themselves.

If we cannot unite as a membership, we might as well put the keys to the union under the door mat and tell the company where they are, I’m not going to do that because I have faith in the membership. We just need a strong and committed leadership that never forgets where they came from and aren’t afraid to return there. But I cannot make the changes needed at APFA without the support of a voting membership and we cannot implement the needed changes without a unified front.

We need to unite with the Pilots and Mechanics:

Banning together we are stronger as one unified force. We don’t have to take on the powers of this company alone, we must unite with all unions on the property to form a powerful coalition. A strong labor alliance with the Pilots and Mechanics unions is the key to stopping the divide and conquer mentality the company fosters. It’s time we acknowledge our similarities, needs and strengths and work in unison. It’s time we invite our Pilots, Mechanics and Agents to join us at the table and not the CEO

As a Commercial Pilot with an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating and several thousands of hours of experience, I can bridge our profession with the Pilots and represent our member’s needs on equal terms.

I’m a U.S. Air Force Veteran, trained as an Aircraft Mechanic. I was a Crew Chief on F4, F15/16 Fighter aircraft to large transport. I understand the profession of the Mechanics and our need for their support.

As a line flying FFA/Purser since 1985 I’m completely familiar with Passenger Service and how our alliance can benefit both our professions.

Issues I will address:

HARD 40…. Eliminate – We are working under the full terms of a Yes vote contract, therefore, it should be eliminated and a system in place to allow greater flexibilities.

PBS…. My entire stance on PBS can be seen here.

Profit Sharing…. Regardless of our CEOs personal opinion, we deserve a fair Profit Sharing program on top of our wages and our wages MUST be true Industry Leading.

Constitution & Leadership…. Transparency – A thorough examination and changes of our governance, including our elected and appointed positions, that give the Power and Voice back to the membership.

TERM Limits…. To address the Lifetime Country Club mentality that persists. New and inexperienced must be invited in and blended with reps. that are willing and able to return to the line.

Railway Labor Act (RLA)…. Last amended in 1936, I’ll take it before Congress to amend or lift its discriminatory and draconian restrictions on our rights to negotiate. Airline employees were added in 1936 when air travel was a luxury. Today we are saddled with the inability to strike while we continue to subsidize the Multi-Billion dollar Hotel, Rental Car and Tourist industry who have given nothing back to support us. Aren’t you also tired of subsidizing the use of Credit Cards for free travel that even you can no longer afford it?

Reserve…. Committee to address and fix the hardships and equality each Flt. Attendant at each base faces.

Readdress the Retiree Travel and Medical benefits and bring in a company’s to introduce for a Union sponsored Medical plan to compete with the company plan.

First Responder: Make it a mission to change the perception of the Flt. Attendant roll to that of a First Responder. I’ll challenge the News, Media and the Entertainment industry when they portray us as anything less than professionals. I will challenge you also, to think of yourselves as professionals that deserve professional salaries and benefits.

I am committed to rebuilding our position as a strong independent union, but we must forge alliances with other Flight Attendant unions and be open to greater possibilities. There is much work to be done to rebuild our career as professionals and we cannot do it alone. Any metamorphosis as a union must come organically from within and not by design or agenda. I am firm believer that we must evolve form past practices and come to terms with decisions that have turned the members and other unions away.

My mission on Day One is to start the healing of our divided membership. I will be focused on rebuilding the Trust, Respect, Unity and Integrity of a once great union and its members. I cannot make the changes needed at APFA without the support of an engaged, voting, and unified membership. We need leadership that can bridge our divides and move us past them.

In Unity and Solidarity,