Today your collective voices have spoken. Let this mandate for change mark the beginning of a new era of unionism at APFA.

My platform has been one of Hope and Unity among us, one of demanding acknowledgment and respect from our employer and your union, one of bridging the divides and apathy that holds us back.

Your voices have been demanding leadership that recognizes your struggles and puts your interests above those of Corporate greed. CEOs do what they are paid to do. It’s time Unions do what unions are paid to do; protect the membership and represent the membership’s best interest.

There was a time when APFA was a strong and organized labor group. It’s time we return it to those days by returning it to you. We are supposed to Trust our Union and with your help and your voice, we will regain that trust.

There are far too many that have felt disenfranchised or felt that their voices will not be heard because they may not have had a candidate of their choice elected. Please know that I will do all that I can to represent all interests and appoint representatives that have backgrounds and experiences from LUS, AWA and LAA.

Starting April 1st I will seek your help in returning this union to you. Together, we will rebuild APFA into a true membership driven Union that no longer divides us by our former airline or union affiliation. Thank you for support and trust.

In Unity and Solidarity,


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