I am overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support and encouragement from all factions of the membership. For those that I have been unable to reach out to yet, I will do my best to do it soon. I can feel the energy of a hopeful and empowered membership emerging. We need to continue to build on that. With the turn of events, of another union official advising AA recently, that sways the inside knowledge of APFA and its leadership into the hands of management once again, it is even more important that we change the direction and predictability of our union. It is even more important that we come together as one unified membership with a mission of a new member driven APFA, that operates from a “ground up” leadership philosophy.

With that said, the first of many elephants in the room must be mentioned. The voter turnout must be improved. It’s understood that a field of this many and with the unknown history of most candidates is a lot to take in. With the distractions of the Holidays and the busy schedules of flying, we need to do a better job of voting in this next phase. Watch for a schedule of my base visits (with hopes to make it to every base) and the cities I will be in during my work trips this month and in Feb. Mine is a grassroots movement to give the members back your union. But, like you, my mortgage is still due every month and I must still fly way too much to pay it.

Considering the election of a National Officer requires a win of just 50%+1 of the FAs that vote, the sign of a good leader is one that asks “What can we do to appeal to all 100%.” Not, “What do we need to do to get just another 10-15% more votes.” This is YOUR union going forward, it’s important that we all start participating in the process by voting.

In the following week I will be in Euless participating an a Presidential debate, then flying my trip. After that I will be traveling to meet as many of you as I can. Again, thank you all for your support and most importantly, for participating in the process of taking back your union by Voting. Thank you once again for you vote of confidence.

In Unity,


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