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February 18, 2016

The Beginning of a New Era

Today your collective voices have spoken. Let this mandate for change mark the beginning of a new era of unionism at APFA. My platform has been one of Hope and Unity among us, one of demanding acknowledgment and respect from our employer and your union, one of bridging the divides and apathy that holds us back. Your voices have been …

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February 15, 2016

To the Membership


To the Membership: We are now within days of setting a new direction for the APFA and starting a new relationship between union leadership and its members. This empowerment of our members will also set a new understanding between management and union. I’m hopeful this week will mark the beginning of a new Bottom Up and Membership driven APFA. With …

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January 30, 2016

We deserve profit sharing


Profit Sharing! We deserved it back when it was negotiated away and replaced with an extremely undervalued $50 Million in addition to wages that barely reached or slightly surpassed “Market Rate”. Every analyst predicted we would reach current or historic profits in 2015 and beyond, which is just one of the reasons I, and nearly 8200 FAs, voted No on …

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